How to Plant Thuja Green Giant Trees in New York

How to Plant The Thuja Green Giant grows well in zones five to nine and does best in zones six to eight. To plant the Thuja Green Giant in New York, prepare the planting area by clearing the ground of any debris and loosening the soil. Do not dig the hole too deep as this could cause the roots to sink. When planting the Thuja Green Giant, it is best to space the tree about five feet apart.

If you plan to plant Thuja green giant

trees in New York, it is best to plant them in winter before the temperatures dip below freezing. The foliage of this tree remains green year round, and only turns golden brown or bronze in the winter. This is normal. To prevent the leaves from turning brown or falling off, you must wait until spring and prune them every year. Once they are fully grown, the limbs will grow back, but they may need some additional pruning in the future.

If you plan to plant the Thuja Green Giants in New York, you should make sure that the soil is properly prepared and that you are using the correct spacing ratio. The spacing ratio depends on how dense or open you want your hedgerow to be. If you plan to plant a full-sized tree, you should space it eight to 20 feet apart. It is best to place the tree a few feet apart to prevent a space between them.

It is important to keep the soil

moist and free of weeds. The Thuja is best planted in full sun and must receive heavy watering during the first year. Once established, Green Giants do not require much water. However, they need consistent moisture and should be watered at least once a week. As a rule, you should dig a hole twice as deep as the container of the new tree.

Thuja Green Giants are best planted in spring. A good spacing ratio for the trees depends on how they will grow. The larger the individual tree, the closer they should be. The distance between the trees should be at least eight feet. For a hedgerow, the size should be at least five feet apart. If you wish for a large individual Thuja, you should plant them at a distance of eight to twenty feet.

When planting a Thuja Green Giant tree

the recommended spacing ratio is five to six feet. This will form a solid hedge, but it can also be planted as individual trees. For a hedgerow, plants should be 8 to 20 feet apart. As a hedge, large individual Thujas should be planted between two trees. For a dense, healthy hedge, you should plant four trees at a distance of a foot.

As a hedgerow, the Thuja Green Giants

can be planted anywhere in the yard. They do best when planted in the spring, but they can also be planted anytime of the year. The spacing of the individual trees will vary according to the desired growth. They can grow up to 20 feet in width when full. It is best to start a new hedgerow in the spring.

If you are planning to plant a hedge

you can plant the Thuja Green Giants in spring or early summer. These trees grow quickly and should be planted eight to 20 feet apart. You can also use a slow-release fertilizer to help your new hedge grow faster. You can even shape the hedge as a circle if you want to create a more formal fence.

You should plant a Thuja in the spring, and then prune it after planting. Its growing habit is slow and the tree does not need much maintenance. As a hedge, you should plant them at a distance of about five feet apart. It is best to keep the distance between individual Thuja Green Giants between eight to twenty feet. The greater the number of separate trees, the faster it will grow.  More about Tree planting