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How to prune overgrown evergreen hedges and bushes?

Evergreen hedges

are usually used for fancy and security applications since they keep up their foliage all year. The varietals of hedges mostly used for security include boxwood, holly, yew, and arborvitae, because of their thickness and relative simplicity of pruning.

Arborvitae and Yew are hardy in the U.S.  The Agriculture department plant hardiness zones 5 through 8, holly flourishes in zones 5 through 9, and boxwood is found in zones 5 through 8. Whether you prune your overgrown evergreen hedges and bushes into shapes, regular cutting is important for fiery growth.

Top 9 tricks to pruning overgrown evergreen hedges and bushes

  1. Cut lifeless, diseased, or hard branches and shoots from overgrown hedge with bypass pruners. Make vertical cuts in the crotch of the branch where it meets the stem.
  2. Rub the blades of the lopping shears or bypass pruners with a lint-free towel moistened with isopropyl alcohol after trimming diseased wood.
  3. Prune 1/3 of the oldest stems from the ground level.
  4. Permit the hardiest and well-spaced shoots to stay.
  5. Prune half of the old trunk from the hedge with bypass pruners and cut the swarmed and most vulnerable shoots by squeezing them off by hand or with garden shears.
  6. Remove the largest, oldest branches from the hedge. You should be removed as a total of one-third of the old lumber at ended.
  7. Prune the top one-third of the hedge’s branches back 1/3 of their length in the third year, to shape the hedge in a conical shape.
  8. Prune the middle of one-third of the hedge’s branches back until they are just a few inches longer than the branches of the top one-third.
  9. Cut the branches of the hedge’s bottom third just enough to create the cone shape, that allows sunlight to reach all areas of the plant.

Most important things you need when start pruning overgrown evergreen hedges and bushes:

  • Lopping shears
  • Bypass pruners
  • Hand pruners
  • Pruning saws
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Lint-free towel

Here’s a quick way to prune evergreens

If you have a yard loaded with evergreen hedges and bushes, you need to know how to prune evergreens?

There is a wide range of alternatives for pruning evergreens out there, however, what you need is to find the best approach to prune your hedges or bushes. You would prefer not to invest any more energy than you need to prune evergreens, especially when they are overgrown not exclusively. It would be hard and painful. Use these tips to figure out how to prune evergreens, bushes, and hedges?

  1. Start with the hand trimmer and then use the electric trimmer

The best thing that you can do to rapidly and effectively trim your evergreens is, to begin with, the hand trimmer, get the big things out of the way with a hand pruner.

At that point, you can begin to do the better shape that you need with the electric trimmer. This will make it much simpler for you, and it will chop down the time that you will spend. Getting the old, dead, and overgrown bushes out of the way will leave you with a rapid trim.

Pruning evergreens can be an undeniable irritation, so you need to know the fast and simple approach to complete it. You need your trees, shrubs, hedges, and bushes to look attractive, so ensure that they are getting the attention that they deserve.

A brisk trim in the spring and fall with these tips will make them appear as though a million bucks and you saving cash by cutting them yourself, it isn’t hard if you know the right tricks.

  1. Prune at Certain Seasons

You would prefer not to prune evergreens all year, sure they are going to be green no matter what time of year, but you should only prune at certain times. You also want to make sure that you are pruning so that it isn’t difficult to do it when you have to. Prune in either the early spring or the fall.

So fall is your best bet because the sun is a little bit easier on the tree and chances are that the new tips that you have cut won’t get burned from the harsh sun in the spring.

  1. Tools needed when pruning evergreens

The best thing that you should do and what will make the process of pruning evergreens a little bit easier is knowing all of the tools that you need.

In the first place, you will need to have gloves, and you want to have leather gloves because they are going to block the needles from poking you. You also will want to have an electric hedge trimmer and pruners for the actual tools that you are going to prune with. Have a tarp handy so that you can collect the trimmings and dispose of them instead of letting them clutter or mess up your beautiful landscaping.

How do you prune an overgrown shrub?

  • Use sharp pruners.
  • Avoid pruning in summer heat or pre-winter.
  • Continuously evacuate branches that are dead, harmed, or unhealthy.
  • Take breaks and look at your work from all sides to ensure you are working formally and making a satisfying shape.

What is the proper way to trim bushes?

To trim a bush, start by cutting in smooth, even strokes close to the bottom of the bush, and working your way to the top.

Try to cut the sides at a slight edge so the base is more extensive than the top, which makes the bush look more balanced and lets sunlight reach all the branches.

Can pruning kill overgrown evergreen hedges and bushes?

Although over pruned hedges and bushes don’t typically kill if some piece of the overhang remains, the harm from over-pruning can be broad. In this way, that pruning may not kill your plant legitimately, over pruned hedges and bushes can pass on as a long-term consequence of the related pressure.

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