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After removing a tree most people simply forget about or ignore the stump that is left jutting out of the ground.  But having a stump or several of them dotting  your space is not  only unsightly, but can lead to safety hazards.

Drawbacks of Leaving a Stump Unremoved

A stump that is not removed may becomes a point of attraction for insects such as beetles, roaches termites, ants etc over time, ultimately leading to disease or some form of infection.  This infestation may be transferred to other wooden structures in the vicinity, including your house –  main property!

Furthermore, an abandoned stump may end up a palatial home for reptiles like snakes, rats or other creatures.  Also while working on your garden the stump can damage your lawnmower if you were using one around it.

It can lead to injury through tripping or falling.  It can affect future landscaping designs by taking up space unduly.  While leaving the stump there means there is still a possibility of re-growth or development of the tree.

Hence with just a few of the drawbacks listed above,  it is important to remove the stumps from your property as soon as possible.

But while cutting down a tree may be a straightforward exercise the stump may be a lot more involving.

AAA Tree Care Service can help remove the stump

Removing the stump can be challenging and time consuming for all types of trees, regardless of their size or age (i.e. both young and old trees).  But the task is even more compelling with bigger and older whose root systems are mature and extensive.

Hence it is better to engage the service of a professional tree care service or arborist to help in extricating the stump that may have roots deeply entwined underground.

A professional   tree care service company like AAA Tree Service  with 24 years experience in tree care has the requisite experience and knowledge to handle the complexities of stump removal.

While trying to remove the stump personally may be far cheaper  than using a professional tree care company like AAA Tree Service, remember that this task as stated earlier is complex and time consuming  and if not properly done lead to extensive collateral damage.

Hiring a professional company like AAA Tree Service for your stump removal offers several benefits:


  1. Knowledge and Experience: With 24 years in the business we have the knowledge and experience to carry out an excellent job at the most competitive rate, quickly and efficiently.


  1. We use uses professional grade tools and machinery that remove stumps deeply encrusted in the ground without destroying structures in the vicinity or disrupting the surrounding landscape negatively.


  1. We use and apply industry standard safety precautions – but for operations above and below the surface of the property.

Once the stump is removed and our job completed you will reclaim the flexibility to use your property as you desire.

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