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Pine Tree Trimming During Winter Season?

images (21)Winter is a traditional season time to perform pine tree trimming, but even though sometimes it might not be the best time to work on certain trees or shrubs.

It’s very important to take care of pine trees during winter, trimming needs to be done in order to void any damages that can be cause by the accumulation of snow, heavy rains, ice, high winds and many other factors.

Pine trees, or conifers have needles instead of leaves and seed bearing cones, pine trees belong in the evergreen family, this means that somehow they stay green all year round, even during the harsh cold winter climate.

Why Do Trimming on Pine Trees?

People often have their pine trees trimmed for corrective reasons to remove broken or diseased branches and also to prevent any insect infestation. The best time to of the year to perform pine tree trimming for corrective reasons is during winter season, when the plants/trees are in dormancy.

When trimming a pine tree for corrective reasons, make sure you always cut back to the healthy branches, below the dead or diseased areas, cutting the old branches will improve the growth of new branches and if don’t no new branches will develop.

The Best Thing You Can Do for Trimming!!!

If you have pine trees in your property, the best thing you can do is to contact professionals to perform the trimming for you. It is very important to give your trees a proper care and maintenance, a correct trimming to enhance the beauty to keep the landscape of your property with the best look even during the cold winter temperatures.

When you give your pine trees, shrubs, or any plant a improper trimming, it can ruin or greatly reduce their potential to grow and if you are thinking is time for a trimming is better for you to contact professionals that will ensure the health and beauty of your pine trees.