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Pruning Small Trees and Shrubs in Summer Time

The best time to prune any plant is usually when it is dormant. This can vary greatly among various plants.  Despite being considered off-season pruning, summer pruning may be necessary to repair damaged tree limbs. If a branch is broken by the wind,prune back the ragged edges to make a smooth cut that leaves no stubby stump.

How to prune small trees and shrubs in summer time

Here is a simple step to follow during summer pruning

Healthy trimming

Remove the dead and unhealthy wood first. Although it is more difficult to see the outline of a tree in leaf, it should be easier once you have removed any diseased and unhealthy stems.

Remove center stems

Take out stems that are growing toward the center of the tree and be wary of pruning large branches that will take time before healing.

Untangle branches

Remove branches that cross another to prevent them from rubbing against each other and causing wounds that may result in severe damage, especially in the case of trees that bleed sap.

Prune weak stems

Prune weak stems that did have few leaves or stems that did not produce flowers and rub out shoots forming on the lower trunk.

Trim wayward stem

Keep the tree in shape by reducing the length of wayward side stems, reducing them by about one-third.

The above list gives a simple step to summer pruning other guidelines include;

Making the cut

Always make clean cuts where the plant can seal off the wound quickly, making either heading back cuts to a lateral branch of sufficient size or a thinning cut at the growth ring. It is vital to consider the function of the plant and the hazards that might be created or avoided by pruning.

Keep a canopy

It is important to prevent excessive sun exposure to trunk and scaffold branches, which can scald the living cambium layer just under the bark and create large wounds or injury that can open up the wood to decay organisms as well as jeopardize the strength of the wood. This can be avoided by leaving enough canopy to shade the bark or by treating the bark with a whitewash. Care should be taken not to cut back tender plants too late.

Structural work

Structural work like the removal of suckers, water sprouts, and crossing branches can be done easily during the summer which makes energy directed toward more strategically located branches.

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