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Tree Care Service & Winter Time!!!

Even though trees are dormant during winter tine, they are not protected from many elements and animals that are looking for a good tree where they can dig holes to hibernate and make it a perfect snug spot. Professional tree care experts can help you prevent any damage on your trees.

 Many things affect trees during winter fluctuating temperatures, drying winds, shortage of water and many other factors that make trees and shrubs to be stress during winter. And sometimes it can be harder for trees that are not native to the climates where they have been planted.

During this time of the year trees experience the raw intensity of the cold season and that is why is very important to contact professionals to have the best tree care services to maintain their health and beauty through any situation and weather.

In case you don’t know wintry conditions can be stressful on trees, especially newly planted or young trees that lack mature defense mechanisms such as having a wide spreading root system or a thick bark.

If you are a homeowner who have trees in your property, learning how to protect and help them survive the cold winter season and help them thrive in years to come. Call a tree care company.

Things You Can Do to Help Your Trees During Cold Winter Weather!!!

It is Important to Have a Good Drainage: By providing a good drainage you’ll be helping and protecting your trees and shrubs. Wet, poorly drained soil contracts and expands more during winter’s freezing and thawing cycles, sometimes is cause heaving roots out of the soil.

But by adding a well-drained soil will help keeping roots in their place and protecting them from elements. Work on encouraging a better drainage and use a improved soil to fill the holes.

Use Wraps: To protect trees, you can cover their trunks with crepe paper tree wrap, working from the bottom, wrap the trunk, overlapping layers according to the size of your trees.

When winter sun thaws a tree trunk during day and cold freezing air during night, bark cells can rupture creating cracks in the trunk.  Its important to wrap and protect your trees from sunscald. Tree care professionals can help you choose the wrap you need according to your trees.

Mulching: During late fall and early winter is important to add a thin layer of organic mulch beneath your tree’s drip line. When you add mulch this helps to insulate the soil and tree roots against temperature extremes and slows water loss from soil.

Make sure not to pile mulch directly to the tree trunk. To prevent mice from making your mulch their winter quarters, wait until the ground freezes.

Pruning: Something that many tree owners ignore is that winter is a great opportunity for tree pruning. Pruning during dormancy can help you prevent your trees from disease spread, since all organism are also dormant.

And it is important to prune any type of dead and dry branch that in case of heavy snow, high winds, ice accumulation can fall and cause damages in your home, find a tree care service company to hep you with your tree pruning.

Use Water: It is very important to make sure your trees absorb enough water, because if the tree or shrubs hasn’t stored enough water to last through the winter season, it may dry out so much that leaves will drop and the tree may even die.

To prevent any damages, keep watering your trees and shrubs right up until ground freezes, that way they can absorb enough water to last all winter.

Having Salt Problems: People sometimes ignore that the salt we use to melt snow and ice can also take a toll on trees and shrubs. In case of roots absorbing salt it can cause for leaves to look burned around the edges and chances color or drop prematurely.

To avoid your trees getting damage you should try not to plants them too close to the road and look for other methods to protect them.

If you don’t know how to take care of your trees you can always contact a tree care company with professionals that can provide you with all the necessary methods to maintain your tree in healthy conditions throughout the entire year. Call your local tree care company and have professional giving your trees the maintenance during (Find more info at ——>) winter time.