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Trees prevention in winter Time Damages


Winter can take its toll on humans, animals, plants as well as trees. Heavy snow, ice, sun, wind and general cold temperatures can kill a tree outrightly, damage branches, flower buds or the  roots.  But since we cannot stop the cycle of nature, we must learn to adapt and continue to thrive.

The winter damage is influenced by a number of factors.  This includes,

the specie of  tree, its location how extreme are the weather conditions.

So how do we protect the trees  from damage in winter and ensure that

they thrive  all year round?

Adequate water supply

Watering plays a critical role in the healthy development and survival of your tree.  It is important to keep the trees (especially the newly planted ones) adequately watered

through fall and all the way into winter.


Sun and wind can lead to drying conditions for broadleaf evergreens.

However by spraying an anti-desiccant which covers leaves with a waxy coating,

moisture loss is reduced.

Wrap (preventing Sun scald)

The effect of a day time winter sun on a tree, combined with the

impact of the cold night air on the trunk can rupture cells in the tree bark

leading to cracks.

This condition is referred  to as sunscald.  To protect the tree you can

wrap it with paper tree wrap, which will then be removed in spring.

Another option is to paint the tree trunk white or wrap it with a white plastic

rabbit guard.

Protecting The tree

Some animals such as rabbits love to eat into the bark of

young trees. They sometimes eat deep exposing the inner parts of the

tree. This can attract rodents which will lead to infestation.

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