Five Essential Tree Pruning Tools to Own

Five Essential Tree Pruning Tools to Own: These are a must have – They’ll do the job better…AND make your life easier!!

Tree Pruning Tools need for If you are a lover of the outdoors, and have even a cursory interest landscaping, you’ll likely know that pruning is good for the health of your trees. Pruners don’t just prune to maintain the beauty of the trees. They also do it to ensure the health and longevity of their trees, bushes and shrubs. And to do the job right, and make life easier for you, as a pruner, you need to equip yourself with the right tools. Armed with just a pair of pruning shears, you won’t do much for your trees or your landscape!

Pruning tools that you must have

If you plan on doing it right, you need to equip yourself with an appropriate arsenal. Your landscaping tool-box should include more than just a gardeners trimming tool and a ladder. That’s because, like any other creative venture, pruning is part craft and part artistry; and using the wrong tool can lead to devastating effects:
You might not get the desired aesthetic effect that you wanted
Using inappropriate tree pruning tools could harm the tree and jeopardize its long-term sustainability
Ill equipped pruners might even risk injury (or worse!) when using the wrong tools
So, what should your tree pruning tool-kit include form maximum effect and efficiency? Well, here are five must-have tree pruning tools that you should consider adding to your kit.

Pruning shears

Also called clippers, hand pruners or secateurs, this is probably one of the most versatile and heavily used tool in any pruning project. These shears are great for pruning vines, shrubs and trees with a smaller growth profile. And like many other tree pruning tools we’ll discuss here, hand pruners come in various types:
Bypass – which is similar to a pair of scissors, and is among st the most popular pf pruning shears available today
Anvils – which are great for splitting purposes because of the straight blade it features
Ratchets – Similar to the anvils, ratchet shears are pruning tools that have the ability to cut vines and shrubs in several stages – and not in one clean cut
If you want to trim, cut, remove and clean unwanted weeds, branches and vines, then a pair (or two!) of high-quality pruning shears is just what you need in your landscaping tool-kit.

Pole Pruner

While small-growth trees and low-rise bushes can easily be dealt with using pruning shears, you’ll probably want something handier when pruning trees greater than three to four feet in height. And that’s where a pole pruner can save the day. Besides, hand pruners are unsuitable for pruning twigs and branches thicker than 3/4th inches, while tree trimming tools, like a pole pruner, can work on thicknesses of up to 1 1/4th inches in diameter, and can reach up to 8 feet or higher to get the job done.
If you would rather prefer using your pruning tools from the safety of Terra  forma (solid ground!), instead of a ladder, then a pole pruner is worth considering.

Pruning Saws

A high-quality pruning saw is a pruners delight. It not only makes pruning large tree branches easy, but it can also easily be used on thicker bushes and shrubs that would be a challenge for some other pruning tools.
Pruning saws come in different shapes and sizes, and they should be used based on the task at hand. Some saws have straight handles, while others are equipped with curved handles for angling to cut curved branches and vines. The pruner must decide which type of pruning saw will best fit the job.

Bloopers are like pruning shears with extra long handles. And like the shears we discussed earlier, bloopers can come as Bypass or Anvil. While a Bypass blooper is great to slice past the thick base of a branch as it closes in, the Anvil slices towards the base.
While hand pruners are similar in function to bloopers, the latter are a great gardeners trimming tool that lets you reach normally unreachable areas of a tree or bush – thanks to its large handles. The long handles also allow gardeners to do a lot more by exerting minimal amounts of force.

Hedge Shears

By all accounts, a pruners best friend might be his/her hedge shears! That’s because, like a paint brush of a painter, or a sharp pencil of an artist, landscapers can use hedge shears to produce symmetry on their landscapes with great precision.
With so many developments in landscaping technology today, tree pruning tools, like hedge shears, are available in various designs and with a range of features. A common distinction is between hand shears or powered (battery/cordless, electrical or gas-powered) versions. In addition to trees, the hedge shear is one of those multi-purpose tree trimming tools that you can also use to trim bushes and shrubs too.

Picking the right pruning tools

Among st other things, tree pruning tools are labor saving devices, and like tools used in any other function, picking the right tool makes all the difference. To make life easier as a pruner, you need to ensure you understand what you wish to accomplish, and then go about doing it with the most appropriate tools in your tool-kit. In the right hands, the right gardeners trimming tool can not only work wonders for your landscaping efforts, but you’ll accomplish a lot more with a lot less time and effort.

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