Many of us look forward to enjoying the warmth of Spring and Summer but we should all be aware that these seasons come with more storm. Storms are one of the main reasons healthy trees fall and it is important to know what insurance will cover you if a tree falls in your yard.

AAA Tree Service has had extensive

experience helping homeowners in tough situations. As a result, our team is fully equipped to help you handle your insurance claim for your damaged property. In fact, in our experience, our services are often covered under home insurance policies. Insurance will cover your claims as long as the tree fell because of unforeseen circumstances. However, if a tree falls in your yard or on your house due to neglect, then they more than likely will not cover your claim.

If you’re facing extensive damages

to your home and yard as a result of collapsed trees or branches (either your own or your neighbors), you can depend on AAA Tree Service. We won’t just help you clean up, remove dangerous or fallen trees, or handle emergency tarp installation. Our experienced arborist can help you navigate how to make your eventual insurance claim, giving you the documentation and information to confidently get the services and repairs you need. we are are Your local Choice a Tree service Company near You