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The majority of gardeners enjoy the installation of sod. Although some of the gardeners are allergic to the installation of sod, to be precise it is a lot full of fun taking bare, dead vicinity and also transforming it into a lush thriving lawn. However, the laying of sod can be something that will fetch in an incredible moment in the future when installing properly or it can also be a huge waste of money when not install properly.

Meanwhile, there are different steps and guides when it comes to the installation of sod in which all the steps and techniques will be covered below including some incredible tips and tricks which tend to help you make a dynamic project successful. Each of the techniques and steps when it comes to the installation of sod project is quite essential and important and you can’t neglect any steps in moving to the next step without proper implementation of the techniques and step accordingly. AAA Tree we are able To take care Lawn Restoration all Long Island NY


The first step to consider doing before the installation of sod is to completely eradicate any old material around the surrounding. This simply means the removal of old plants, root, and everything to be precise. The initial step in doing this is to dig  up the top surface material with the use of a flat shovel or even a piece of heavier machinery, in other to get to the root stage, actually, you have to  make use of a rototiller. This kind of machine could be rented for either $60-$70 per day depending on where you reside and the vendor. It also depends on the very size of the rototiller, you can also loosen up to the top surface around 3-6 inches of the top soil where by the installation of sod can be installed and balanced properly. After the completion of this step, you might likely want to take a walk through the entire surrounding in pulling off any strange of rocks golf ball size or even the larger size.

This is the perfect stage to install a sprinkler system because the ground tends to lose, in which it is necessary to make trenches very easy and fast. The pipe does not necessarily need to be dogged or buried deeper than just 6 inches, actually, it will be loose from the use of rototiller. You might be perplexed on how deep is good to install sprinklers and know the actual size into placing the head. The best approach on this is to install the pipe and put a high riser out of the ground with a cap on the very end so that the entire dirt can get into the system easily.


The next techniques and step in the installation of sod are making sure that the soil is perfectly leveled well to suit your exact taste. Although, it’s up to you to determine how you want your soil level looks like. If in a case your soil tends to have clay in it, you’ll actually need to make use of gypsum in breaking it up. If also in case you have a poor soil, your next consideration is to purchase some top soil in mixing up or putting it on the top of your existing soil. You will likely want to pound metal stakes into the ground in the corners a lot and few in the middle. Then there is a great tendency that you can run a string around each of the stakes, pulling it off tight in other to picture out if your ground is properly in a level format lawn Restoration Long Island NY

Although the approach to consider in knowing if your soil is properly level, you will have to first make sure that the string itself is also been level by making use of a special and effective “string level”. When you have pounded in your stakes and run string throughout the entire area, then it is time to take your string level and place it on your string and also try as much as possible to get the accurate level. Once you have successfully string the entire grid, then you can properly visualize out if your ground is properly leveled. For as long  as how to make a string grid, although since the actual shapes of compounds are different from the other, you then have to decide and consider the best  approach on how you can run your string. of Restoration service Suffolk county Long Island NY


On this very steps, it involves the final touches you can do to you ground. To get the accurate and perfect ground for the installation of sod, you actually have to add some techniques and logics which are called “soil amendments”, they are basically known as special fertilizer. You can purchase them at the home depot or any place around your vicinity. Importantly you have to read the direction on how to apply them amicably, mixing it into your soil right to the stage of how to water them when you are done. Be very observant and diligent in watering your soil a few times. This will really give it a chance to settle properly for the effective and amendment to work in.

These also tend to be actual time when you want to install your sprinkler head. Now that your entire ground is perfectly on a leveled format and is ready for sod, you will likely want to install your sprinkler so that the head can be 1/2 inch above the dirt. The actual inch of sod is around 1/2 inches in thickness, so if literally, your sprinkler head is sticking around the measurement of 1/2 inches above the surface of the ground, then they definitely need to line up in a perfect and accurate sequence with the sod. In other to get the accurate height you desire, you definitely have to unscrew your riser from the pipe and cut off as many categories as it might take in getting the appropriate height. It is advisable to implement this method to all your sprinklers. After you diligently follow this method, you can now go ahead and order for your sod.


Your sod will actually arrive in strip formats which are generally 2 feet wide and about 8 feet long. Although, it literally depends on the supplier. Before you go ahead with the installation of sod, be very sure and certain to moisten the ground and keep it in a good format. If you don’t want to have air pockets sitting between the root of your sod and the ground or even the root will tend to dry out or die plainly. Don’t drench the ground. Just try in keeping it moist.

When on the process of the installation

of sod, always make sure to start with the furthest corner and go all the way across the back wall. If in a scenario you tend to have a lot of sod in a strip or if you have an odd shape that you actually need in cutting around, make sure to grab a sharp knife or box cutter and trim the sod properly. To start all over at the same side, take note, don’t line seams of your sod up in straight lines. The line of the strips of sod should not be match up. This will really be of help in making it to grow better and not have any discrepancies.

When it comes to the stage of the sprinkler head, you have to make sure that you sharpen your knife in cutting a hole in the sod so that the sprinkler head can fit properly. Keep on going and implementing the method this way, making sure to keep the ground moist as long as you can go. It’s also important to lay your sod faster and quickly, especially on a very hot dry day. It’s quite necessary and important to water the sod you’ve just placed as you go along. Try to spray newly laid sod with a few seconds squirt of water every half an hour.


This is the final step and techniques on the installation of sod which requires sod roller. Actually this step is not entirely necessary, meanwhile, the majority of individuals recommend the usage of sod roller because it helps in getting rid  of any potential air pockets and also making sure that there’s good contact between the root of your sod and the soil beneath. Some of the sod rollers are hollow plastic that gives a great tendency to fill it with a lot of water in making them heavier. Although such machine can be rented, probably from the same place you rented the rototiller from. Just be very sure to make one pass on the sod. You don’t probably want to overly walk on it or roll it. Just passing the roller over it once should suffice.

Congratulations, you have successfully acquired the knowledge and techniques on how to install sod. Always remember to water it at least once a day, although it depends on the weather condition or perimeter of your resident. The vendor where you purchased the sod will also instruct you on the proper way and time on how to water your sod. I believe once you implement this steps and follow them diligently the installation of your sod will give your compound a beautiful and attractive look.


Choosing of the right sod is very important and necessary approach to consider. There are different categories of sod to choose from. When selecting your sod be very sure and observant of your climate around you. Actually, professional landscaping company like AAA tree service NY corps can diligently advise you on the right and best sod you can install in your compound.


As been said, there are different categories of sod that are quite pleasant and good for southern climates. Bahia grass is actually a tough, insect-resistant grass that can help in handling a high traffic which requires little watering. The Bermuda grass is a drought resistant, insect resistant grass which also requires full sunlight. During the winter period, the brand of grass normally turns to brown color while during the springtime period it turns back to green color. A slow growing grass is actually good for a warm climate is Zoysia. In the dry condition, this must always be watered. A popular grass which does not entirely like the cold weather is called the  grass. Although each category of grass has their own unique qualities with a different appearance.


The cool climate tends to call for a sod that thrives in lower temperature. The cool weather grass has a very low tolerance for heat which may result into a dormant if they are literally too warm. During the period of a warm spell, they must always be watered. One of the popular grasses which result to develop well in a cool area is the Kentucky bluegrass. This grass normally grows well in a shady vicinity of loose soil. Although, sometimes they tend to mix them with another branch of grasses. One of the actual problems with such type of grass is that it is quite not uncommon for it to become infected along side with a damaged leaf rot. A fungicide should also be very useful on a regular basis.

When it comes to fine fescues, they tend to grow very well in cool and shady areas. It also requires a lot of water when it becomes warm. There are three categories of such grass: Hard, creeping red and the chewing’s. Tall fescues grass is actually a perfect choice when it comes to sporting activities; they are commonly fixed with other types of grass in other to create more uniform looks and format. But when it is been used alone, it grows in bunches. The perennial Ryegrass is constantly used in a warmer climate as a mix with other potential grasses which tend to become dormant in the winter period. They actually don’t need a lot of sunlight to thrive and it may be mixed with other grasses to improve and develop in a uniform form.


If you eventually take a very diligent and proper step in caring for your newly installed sod, it will help in building a very strong and good root base and also helps to fill out adequately. Always follow the direction your landscaping company recommends to you on how to water properly in other to give your sod strong life spam. Although this solemnly depends on the type of sod which is been installed, some of the sod need some additional fertilizer or fungicides. The majority of the landscaping service does offer a continual care ant Tree Plating New York  for a newly installed sod. They have the experience and know the proper care to render to a newly installed sod.

It is a great and amazing feeling to have a sod that you will be very proud of. Sod does not only improve the beauty of your property, it also adds unique values to your home. Once you select the right sod for your home with a proper and adequate maintenance, you can have good sod which is actually the envy of your entire neighborhood.

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