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Tree Trimming


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Tree Trimming or Toppers

Tree trimming which is also referred to as Tree pruning by many is the secret to a successful tree maintenance practice. In general terms, tree trimming usually involves removing or cutting away unwanted branches from a tree or shrub. Tree trimming is a highly relevant to the sustaining of a tree’s health, boosting its growth, and also retaining the aesthetic aspect of the tree. Since Tree trimming is involved an understanding of the biology of trees, and this involves discovering the various tree weakness and also being able to get rid of these defects without causing damage or hindering the growth of the trees. When it comes to engaging in Tree trimming, understanding of the aesthetic aspect of a tree is very important. When we say understanding the aesthetic aspect, it means removing tree impediments or defects that will distort the beauty or shape of your tree thereby enhancing the beauty of the tree. Trying to engage in Tree trimming on your own may cause severe and irreversible damage to your tree because Tree trimming involves expertise and experience. This is why it always advisable to employ the service of professional and experienced Arborist.

When it comes to Tree Trimming, AAA Tree Service located in the New York is one of the few tree care and management company who have mastered the craft of tree trimming and pruning and tree removal with over 23 years of experience offering tree care/maintenance services.



What Are the Importance Of Tree Trimming

  • Trimming helps to increase the lifespan and overall health of the tree
  • Tree Trimming helps to prevent infestation and spread of fungal contamination to other part of the tree.
  • It helps to improve the appearance and also beauty of the tree.
  • By engaging a professional arborist in the trimming of your tree, it helps in reshaping and also controlling the directional growth of the tree.
  • Tree Trimming helps the tree to conserve its energy.


When Should You Call For The Service Of A Professional Arborist


  • When you notice that your tree is growing in the direction of electricity cables, utility wires, and also other structures. These structures might include, swimming area, garage, and also your home.
  • When you notice there are more of dead, broken, and rotten branches
  • When you have not had your tree trimmed in the last two or three years
  • When trying to give the tree a new face lift, it is important you engage the service of a professional Arborist like AAA Tree Services.


AAA Tree Service provides tree trimming, tree removal, and tree pruning services. When it comes to tree trimming such as, maintenance of the crown, thinning, crown lifting, topping, heading back out, AAA Tree Service offers the best tree care service and also tree care consultation services.

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