Tree Removal Guide Steps about Tree Cutting

BEST TREE REMOVAL TIPS There might be a need for you to replant a tree in another spot or remove a dying tree completely. If this need ever arises, there are ways to go about it, and the most important thing is to go about the removal safely while following the right steps. Removing trees improperly can be hazardous to lives and properties. This is why you should take the appropriate precautions during your tree removal process, even without hiring a professional. We will highlight the steps to follow, and with the right tools, you will be able to remove your tree without hitches.

1- Have safety equipment around you

To safely cut down or remove s tree, you should put things in place to keep yourself safe throughout the process. The following tools are important to have before you fell the tree.

Helmet and safety goggles

  • Hearing protection or earmuffs.
  • Respirator
  • Gloves
  • Long-sleeved clothing.
  • Protective Chaps if you’re removing larger trees.
  • Leather boots with steel toes and ankle support.

2-Clear the area around

the tree Make sure there are no children and pets with the tree’s surroundings. Also, inform the adults around about your intended tree felling activities so that they can stay clear of the area. Nobody should be within a distance of at least double the height of the tree. While you are clearing the area surrounding the tree, you should mark the direction where the tree is likely to fall naturally. If the tree is leaning to the right, when cutting, make sure you chop it in a way that it will fall to the right. Another thing that you should do before you start cutting is to work out an escape route in case of an emergency. Plan two routes to ensure your safety.

 3-Make a cut into the side of the tree

Make an angled cut with an ax or saw into the tree towards the direction you would like the tree to fall. Keep cutting till you get to a quarter of the diameter of the tree.

4-Turn the saw to the side and cut horizontally

Cut through the tree at a flat angle to maintain an even cut. When you have created a hinge of about a tenth of the diameter of the tree, stop cutting.

 5-Allow the tree to fall

After leaving the hinge, remove the ax or saw and make your way to your escape route. Stay away from the tree until it falls completely to the ground. Should the tree fall towards you, make a run for your second escape route.

 6-Removing the tree stump

 If the tree you feel is a small tree, you can remove the stump with a shovel. Dig it out to expose the roots and then cut off the roots with a root saw or an ax. If you wish to recycle the roots, compost them.You can also use a chemical to remove the stump or burn it if your environmental laws permit you to do so.


 There you have it; six tree removal steps if you want to remove a tree by yourself. If you follow the steps, you should have no problems with removing a tree. And of the tree is too much for you to handle, hire a professional.

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