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Providing Are you looking for a professional tree service company in New York? Do you need an emergency tree trimming provider in New York? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. AAA Tree Service is the best in class when it comes to tree services in New York

A well maintained outdoor landscape

is a perfect way to enhance the beauty of your property and neighborhood. Trees and shrubs are one of the most underrated assets in our environment. A well-placed tree increases the value of your home and beautifies the outdoor landscape. Trees also play a significant role in environmental purification and help in controlling soil erosion – which is a great way to prevent the threat of flooding during the rainy season. Protecting the health and well-being of your tree is critical to maintaining the health and beauty of your home, its curb appeal, and its value

Tree trimming is an ideal way

of improving the health and maintaining the well-being of trees in New York. Tree trimming helps in the sustenance of trees health, retaining a beautiful natural appearance, and stimulating its growth. It can also equally contribute to the enhancement of your property value and protecting its integrity. There may be some certain instances where diseased, dying or overgrown tree branches may pose a severe danger to your properties and even cause considerable damage to your neighbor’s properties. If you’re ever in these type of situations, you need to engage the service of a professional tree trimming company in New York to leverage the situation and deal with the potential threats

AAA Tree Trimming services

in New York is your perfect choice for this type of situations. For over a decade, we’ve been providing homeowners and commercial customers throughout New York with different kinds of expert tree care including tree pruning and tree trimming services. AAA Tree Service is licensed, insured and certified by the International Society of Agriculture, Tree Care Industry Association and the Better Business Bureau

Do not attempt to carry out tree

trimming yourself or you risk damaging the tree or inflicting severe injury on yourself. Our team of certified and professional arborist know exactly what you need and are knowledgeable in all phases when it comes to tree trimming services in New York. With our best in class customer services, oriented philosophy and combined experience, we at AAA Tree Service can help transform an ordinary surrounding into an extraordinary haven all at competitive and affordable prices.
Contact AAA Tree Service for professional tree trimming services at any time of the year to further protect and enhance the strength of the trees and further beautify your home and neighborhood

Pruning Tips & Best Practices

Proper pruning of trees is crucial to prevent the risk of decay, disease and infestation. Improper pruning can also promote the spread of insects. Here are some tips and best practices to follow when pruning trees:

Avoid trimming off too much foliage – Young branches are easier to maintain and there’s less risk of leaving ugly scars. Cut off only the dead or broken branches and avoid pruning them too close or too long. Don’t prune new or young trees unless absolutely necessary, and avoid pruning the branches above the collar. Also, prune during the winter because the lack of leaves makes it easier to identify dead branches. Pruning your trees in winter will promote new growth in spring.

Make three cuts on a stem

The first cut should be inside the branch’s crotch. The second cut should be above the ridge of the branch’s bark. The third cut should be parallel to the bark ridge. When pruning large trees, use pruning tips and best practices. This way, you’ll avoid damage to the tree’s structural integrity. But don’t forget to use pruning tips for ornamental trees!

Thinning: Pruning a tree’s crown is the most common type of pruning for mature trees. Thinning the crown means removing some live branches to reduce the overall density. It also improves air circulation and sunlight penetration. It also reduces stress on selected limbs. So, do not wait too long to start pruning a tree! And don’t forget to check the species’ pruning guidelines before beginning any project.

When pruning a tree, remember

that the angle of each branch indicates its strength. The narrower the angle, the weaker the branch. The weaker the branch, the more likely it will break under the pressure of a storm. For spring-flowering shrubs, pruning in late summer or fall can help encourage larger flowers and fewer diseases. When done properly, pruning can improve your plants’ health and produce more flowers and ward off pests.

Proper pruning can reduce the risk of decay. Proper pruning will remove weak branches and delay the formation of a more desirable trunk. Leaving small limbs on a tree’s trunk can result in a weak “buggy whip” trunk. Taking care to prune them will prevent the trunk from becoming scarred and rotting. In addition, trimming will prevent permanent scarring of the trunk.

When pruning, make sure

to prune trees in the fall after the leaves fall. Performing the pruning early in the fall will cause the wound to heal more slowly and leave the tree more vulnerable to disease. A bare tree is easier to prune than a tree with a lot of foliage. Dead limbs should also be pruned right away to avoid disease and insect infestation.

Before pruning, identify the branch collar (the stem tissue around the base of a branch). Make the cut just outside of the collar without leaving a stub. This will prevent decay of the stem tissue. Avoid making too many cuts or cutting too low. Pruning cuts must be made at a low angle to avoid tearing the bark. It is important to remove suckers from the roots or low parts of the trunk.

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