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How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

Tree Removal cost .Trees no matter how beautiful they are in your environment, must be removed from time to time. Trees that are diseased or dying, dead trees, trees with reduced stability, and aggressive root systems can all damage your home and foundation.

Continue reading to find out how much tree removal costs and the elements that affect this pricing.

What is the Average Tree Removal Cost?

Tree removal services range from $150 to $2,000, with an average cost of $700–750. Tree removal charges vary depending on the tree’s size, with larger trees costing more to remove.

For instance, depending on the different factors average stump removal costs are typically, $60-$350, whereas stump grinding costs average $75-$1000.

You may find cheap tree removal services, but always choose a professional arborist licensed for tree removal. Simple tasks can have unexpected complications or long-term effects, so don’t risk your property’s safety or the health of your landscape. Arborists must renew their licenses regularly to stay updated on tree removal techniques.

Average Removal Cost Based on Tree Type

If they are different species, two trees of roughly the same height and trunk diameter will normally cost around the same to remove. As a result, size is a more reliable predictor of cost than tree type.

Here’s a brief overview of some common tree types at Tree Service Nassau, NY

  1. A mature oak tree can grow to be 60–80 feet tall and can cost between $700 and $1,300 to remove.
  2. Palm tree heights vary widely depending on species, although their trunks aren’t particularly thick. As a result, they cost between $200 and $900 to remove.
  3. Pine tree: Small branches can be removed by hand. If you require a professional’s help, you might consider paying an hourly charge. Most organizations charge between $200 and $300 per hour. If you need to remove a lot of branches, the cost will be higher. Tree Removal Service Long Island, NY.

Because the pine family’s 100+ species of trees can grow to heights ranging from five feet to well over 90 feet, the usual price range for tree removal is between $150 and $2,000.

  1. The cost of removing a cedar tree can range from $500 to $2,000, depending on its height.
  2. Mature maple trees can reach heights of 60–100 feet and are highly expensive to remove, typically costing between $1,100 and $2,000.
  3. A mature ash tree can grow to be 40–80 feet tall and can cost between $500 and $1,000 to remove.

Poplar trees, which may reach heights of 90–115 feet and have deep root systems, are among the most expensive to remove, average cost between $1,500 and $2,000

Factor Affecting the Cost of Tree Removal

Big trees are more expensive to remove because they require more heavy-duty equipment, the removal procedure is risky, and there is more waste to dispose of. However, there are additional elements that influence the cost of tree removal services.

Tree Size and Shape

  • Small trees are less than 30 feet tall and removing a small tree costs typically between $150 and $500. Many fruit trees, as well as hawthorns and silver birches, are small.
  • A medium-sized tree, such as maple or elm, can grow to be 30–60 feet tall and can cost between $400 and $800 to remove.
  • A huge tree, such as a mature oak, can grow to be 60–80 feet tall and can cost between $700 and $1,300 to remove.
  • Any tree that is taller than 80 feet will cost between $1,000 and $2,000 to remove.

Height, however, is not the only dimension that matters. Taller trees, in general, have strong trunks, but with a narrow trunk may be less expensive to remove than a tall tree with a deep trunk.

If a short tree has a thick trunk that makes it difficult to remove, a tree removal company may cost you an additional fee. Similarly, if a tree has more than one trunk, its removal becomes more complex and costly.

Stump Removal

The cost of removing the tree does not include stump removal. Unless you pay an extra fee for this service, a stump will be left for you. Get a special price for your stump removal. Various equipment is required, most of which is provided by the contractor; thus, an extra fee is needed.

The stump’s size helps determine the removal cost. A stump may cost between $60 and $350. Rotting stumps are easier and less expensive to remove than healthy, solid stumps.


You may decide to chip your limb rather than pay extra to have it removed. If the tree company is equipped with a chipper, the cost of the service will be minimal. If the chipper isn’t available, you’ll have to pay $75 or more to have it done correctly.

Removing Trunks

At this point, the tree removal company must break the tree trunk into smaller chunks so you may move them quickly. If you want the company to transport things away for you, expect to pay more. Although the cost varies, you may expect to pay between $50 and $100 for such a service.

The Tree’s Health or Condition

A diseased or otherwise unstable tree can danger the health and safety of other trees, your property, and anyone who enters your front yard. A tree in this condition may be less expensive since it is easier to cut down, but it may be more costly if it is in a dangerous location and could cause damage if it falls. In this situation, schedule an appointment with a tree removal service to get a quote.

A fallen tree is far cheaper to cut and take away than a living tree, as long as it hasn’t caused an emergency. A tree trunk that is merely sitting on the ground is considerably safer for a tree removal service to deal with. Therefore, you should expect to pay between $100 and $300 to have it removed from your property.

Additional Services Cost

Most people want more than simply a standard tree removal service. For instance, if the cost of carrying away the tree is not included, you will almost probably be charged extra. The cost of removing a tree limb varies, but it is often between $50 and $75.

1- Distance Cost

Additionally, suppose your tree is in a remote area, and the company needs to go a considerable distance in kilometers. In that case, you are fully liable to pay the cost of the travel. This may or may not be included in the driving time.

2- Log Splitting

These are usually a really lovely added service for people who have a fireplace. If the tree removal company provides this service, they will bring a log splitting machine with them.

However, there is no set or fixed fee for such a service. Although it usually adds on some expenses in the $75-$100 area.

3-Emergency Tree Removal

You need to remove a tree that has fallen on your house or vehicle or is leaning abnormally before it causes more damage. A tree removal scheduled weeks or days in advance versus a tree removal required immediately can cost significantly more.

Urgent service costs more, just like any other urgent task. A professional must be very careful not to inflict further damage. A tree removal job can cost up to $5,000, depending on the situation and the contractor.

Tree removal costs may also rise following a natural disaster, as many local residents will require emergency tree removal services. It’s best to check with your insurance policy before paying for a tree removal service that’s been damaged by a storm.


Most homeowners want to remove trees as part of a broader landscaping project except for emergency tree removal. There are many extra services that a tree removal company may provide you.

Hiring a tree company for a large project rather than dividing it into smaller projects may save you money.

1.   Grinding or removal of a stump

As we know, the cost of tree removal does not necessarily include stump removal. Some homeowners may like the shape of the stump and desire to include it in their landscape, but the vast majority want it removed. Because of the surviving root structure of the stump, which may not be visible from above ground, this usually is a job for a skilled professional.

The cost of removing the stump and its roots will most likely range between $150 and $500, depending on the time needed and the root system’s complexities. When a machine mulches the stump and part of the roots, stump grinding is performed. It is usually less expensive, ranging from $100 to $400.

You can also go to a store and rent a stump grinder to remove the stump yourself. These machines, however, are primarily designed for small-diameter stumps. Less common methods of stump removal include fire and chemical treatment.

Trimming back a tree stump is part of the removal service. If the tree has grown too large, cutting it down to the required size may be impossible.

The best approach is to talk with a tree specialist about what could be done. If you’re looking for a competent tree service, don’t be afraid to ask questions. As a customer, you have this right. Related Bush Removal cost 

2.   Removal of Debris

The cost of tree removal generally includes the removal and disposal of the trunk and big branches. However, you will usually be left with a large amount of extra waste, which you may not want to dispose of yourself. After all, removing debris can be costly and time-consuming if you are not qualified to do it.

For an additional fee, our professional tree removal company will provide several methods of debris disposal.

  • A business may offer to remove more waste for an additional $50 to $100.
  • A company could use a wood chipper to convert the material into mulch for your next landscaping job. This typically ranges from $75 to $125 per hour.
  • You may also have the tree and larger branches divided into fire logs for around $75 to $100 per tree.

1.   Planting of Trees

Consider tree transplanting if you appreciate a tree in your yard but wish to relocate it to a different location on your property.

Small trees are the simplest to transfer and may only cost $300 to $800.

Transplanting medium- and large-sized trees might cost tens of thousands of dollars. Not every tree company is equipped to execute this service because it requires different equipment than basic cutting.

How to Choose the Best Tree Removal Company?

Tree Removal cost How Choice a Tree service company Professional on Stump removal & Tree cutting Estimate

Several tree removal companies in our area give their services to many individuals and businesses if you need a tree removal service near me. When approaching these companies, it is critical to look for a reputable and trustworthy source.

Request a free quote to see how much money you may save right now! If you have major tree hazards at your business or residence, contact Local Tree Cutting Professionals to get them removed.

1-STUMP REMOVAL: The removal of the stump is basically not included in the price of removing the tree. Unless you made up your mind in paying another addition fee for such service, a stump will definitely be left for you. A times, you can get a unique price to have your stump removed. Actually different types of equipment are required and the majority of it is been provided by the contractor that is why the extra fee is necessary as an add-on. The diameter of the stump actually helps in determining the cost of removing it. You might be charged to pay around $60 and $350 per stump. However, rotting stump is actually easier and cheaper to remove than the healthy and solid stump.

2-LIMB CHIPPING: You may decide to allow your limb to be chipped than paying more money to have the limb hauled away. If the tree removal company who is working for you has a chipper available then it won’t cost you much more. But if eventually, the chipper is not available then you have to pay fees around $75 or more to have it done effectively.

3-TREE TRUNK REMOVAL: At this point, the tree removal company has to cut off the tree trunk into a very smaller size or sections, in which it will be easier and faster for you to transfer them to somewhere else. If your wish is for the company to haul them away for you, then you definitely have to pay more. Although the amount you will pay for such service differs, surely you will pay around $50 and $100 or more for such service.

4-TRAVEL EXPENSES: Co-incidentally, may be you are living in a remote area and the tree removal company has to travel for a long distance kilometer, you are solemnly responsible in paying for the travel cost as well. Actually, this may or may not include in driving time.

5-LOG SPLITTING: For individuals who actually have a fireplace, these tend to be a very nice extra service. If the tree removal company offers such, then they will come along with a log splitting machine. However, there is no certain or fix amount for such service. Although it usually adds up some extras around the range of $75 or so.

How Much to Cut Down a Tree

Depending on the size of your tree, the total cost of cutting it down will vary. Small trees are cheaper to cut down than larger ones. The trunk diameter is an indication of the size of the tree, and it is a good way to get an accurate quote. However, thicker trees are more difficult to remove. The trunk diameter is measured from chest height, roughly 4.5 feet above the ground. When you are trying to calculate the price of a large tree, keep in mind that thicker trees are more difficult to cut down.

1-Some factors can increase the price

of cutting down a tree. For example, a tree that is inaccessible might increase the price by 25% to 50%. The cost of cutting a large tree can also be affected by its location. A tree in an open area will be cheaper to cut down than a densely packed tree in a closed off area. You should also consider the size and age of the desired tree before hiring a professional.

Other factors that affect the price include the location of the tree. If a tree is inaccessible, the cost will increase significantly. Those trees that are far from structures or power lines will require a larger amount of preparation. Furthermore, if the tree is in an inaccessible area, you might need to hire a subcontractor or buy a special licensing for the job. In these cases, you’ll be charged more if you want your tree removed quickly.

The cost of trimming or removing a tree will vary greatly depending on its size and diameter. An oak tree, for example, can grow up to 50 feet in height. Getting rid of the entire tree may cost anywhere between $850 and $1300. You will also need to pay for stump grinding and debris hauling. A palm tree is usually smaller than a pine tree, but will cost about the same.

2-Inaccessible trees, including trees near power lines

will raise the price. If you’re unsure whether a tree is safe to remove, hire an arborist to find out. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying more for a tree than necessary. It’s important to keep in mind that the condition of your chosen tree will determine how much it costs to cut down a limb. The cost will depend on the size of the limbs, but you can also choose to make some of them bigger.

3-The cost to cut down a tree can vary greatly depending on the location

of the tree. The cost to cut down a large tree depends on its size and its location. A large tree in an open area is cheaper, while a small one with a trunk and a thicker trunk will increase the price. Likewise, a tree near a building or utility line can increase the bill by up to 50%.

Now that you have gained the knowledge and hints on how extras are going to cost, you might be wondering how much it will cost you for the removal of the tree. This normally depends on the very size of the tree Trimming Cost

1-Tree up to 25 feet tall cost between $150 – $500

2-Tree up to 25 feet to 75 feet tall cost around $1500 – $2,000

3-Tree from 75 feet tall or higher should at least be around $1,500 or More

tree cutting service estimate

average cutting down a Tree

TREE REMOVAL  COST  oak Removals Average  Cost Cut Down


A realistic and a normal homeowner won’t make an attempt in removing a large tree by himself. The only thing to be aware is that for sure the cost of the large tree will be expensive. However, the total cost of the entire job is been calculated basically on the number of different variety of factors. If the workers will  surely have to climb the high and rope down the majority of the pieces before finalizing and feeling the tree, which is normally one of the cases with tall trees, although the total fee will definitely going to be high and expensive. As been mentioned above, you could be charged around $1,500 or even more for such level of the project. Surely it worth it in trying to have some few small extras being thrown in for free, actually not all the companies are willing to accept such proposal. LARGE  LARGE TREE  REMOVAL


If eventually, a tree falls on your property; your next move is to clear it off as quickly as possible. Actually, such job is not risky or complicated compared to the removing of a healthy, living tree, it definitely still requires a lot of equipment and can also lead to some injuries if you are not very careful. Although the good news is that the cost of removing a falling tree is very low compared to the removing of a standing tree. You will definitely have to pay around $75 and $150 for the entire project. When the times approach to removing a standing tree, the initiate total price actually depends on either you have the tree being hauled completely away, cut up or either chipped up into very smaller particles. Tree Service Nassau NY


Oak is known as one of the strongest, toughest wood out there. For such reason, the tree removal company often charges higher in tackling them. Oak is also a very tall and giant tree. The actual height of a very strong and healthy oak tree is 60 feet tall. You can check out the price tag above to know the amount to pay ranging from $200 – $1,000 in other to have your oak tree removed. Actually, the oak tree is such a solid and thick-wood; your total price will definitely have to fall on the higher end of the scale. Be very sure and certain to have genuine reasons why you want the oak tree to be removed before you consider spending such amount of money.

large tree removal cost

Tree removal cost average Price and Estimate to remove large and small tree 2021

Tree Removal Cost and Pine oak Trees

PINE TREE REMOVAL: $200 – $1,500

There are different varieties of pine tree, but generally, the average height of a healthy pine tree is between 40 and 60 feet’s tall. Although some varieties soar up around 80 feet . As you already known the amount for such service in other to have your tree removed, it depends on how large the tree might be. But if you have a smaller pine tree, you might likely pay a little amount ranging from $200 or so. And if your pine tree is very tall you could pay around $1,500 or even more. This is another example of why is necessary to collect a few tree removal quote and estimate before hiring a contractor Shrubs and hedges removal cost


If your tree branches are obstructing the power line, you just have to pick up a phone and call your local company. They handle such project at no cost. If your wishes are to see your tree branches being removed for other important reason, then you will have to hire a professional tree removal and cutting company. But if the branches are very small, you go ahead in removing them by yourself. In a scenario where you need the help of a professional, you should consider paying some fees on an hourly rate and basis. Actually, the majority of some companies might charge between the range of $200 and $300 on an hourly basis. If eventually, you have a lot of branches to remove, then your cost will be a pretty higher. Tree Removal Service Long Island NY


Tree removal cost Average Tree removal cost

DIAMETER= However, the diameter of the tree

trunk plays a very vital and important role in how much you will pay. This also comes in when you are grinding a stump. Although, you might likely pay for a shorter, thicker tree than the one you will pay for a taller and slimmer one.

LOCATION= It’s pretty easy to uproot tree if they are safely far away from the house and other important property. If it seems to have some risky damages, then the tree removal company will charge you higher for such work. Although their liability goes much higher and they will have to be very careful, potentially utilizing more confusing techniques or more complex tools.

How Much Cutting Down Small Tree stump Services Settles For?

The method by which a tree is cut down determines its final size and shape. It also affects the stump tree service estimate price. You may have seen those stump removal pictures where some huge trees have been cut down and some smaller trees are left standing. Some people wonder what exactly is done to a tree that has to be chopped down. In this article, you will get some basic information on stump tree service estimate price.

Stump Tree Removal

Involves several steps. First, the owner of the property must locate where the stump is located. Usually this task is done by looking under a tree, in a protected gully or in a low lying area. After locating the location, the owner can contact a stump tree service company or a tree surgeon who specializes in this work. Stump removal is a delicate process. If not handled properly the stump tree service may cause injury or death to the tree. Any wrong move may even chip off part of the stump. So it is very important to handle this process carefully. Related

After Locating The Stump

The Next step is cutting it down. Smaller tree stump services usually do this the fastest. However, bigger tree stump removal may require more manpower and time. If a company is charging by the hour, it may take several hours for them to cut down the tree. If you are not sure about the speed with which they would do the cutting, ask whether they would charge per piece or per foot.

Once the stump tree service worker has cut down the tree

they will usually put some kind of cover over it. This will help prevent weeds from growing back into the place where the stump was rooted. But this doesn’t mean that the work of beautifying the land around the stump tree service area is finished. You should make sure that the stump is protected from the sun and other elements for at least a few years. After all, people who live around the area will eventually walk on it.

The removal of a tree stump service also involves trimming it back. If the tree has grown too much, it might not be feasible to cut it down to the desired size. The best thing to do is to talk to the tree expert about what could be done. If you are looking for a professional tree service, you should never hesitate to ask questions. This is your right as a customer. Related Bush Removal cost 

Tree Removal – Know How to Choose The Right Company

If you need a tree cutting service near me, there are many tree removal companies in our area that offer their services to many individuals and businesses. The important thing to consider when contacting these companies is to find a provider that is reputable and trustworthy. Ask for a free quote to see exactly how much you could save right now! If your business or residence suffers from large tree problems then turn to Local Tree Cutting Professionals to get rid of them for you.

Many Tree Property  Owners are Hesitant About Hiring

a company to take care of their yard for them because they are afraid that if the tree cutting service cuts down the tree too much it will hurt their yards. This is simply not true; however some people do cut down their trees too much even if it means doing more damage to their landscape. The problem with cutting down a tree in too much of an area is that the stump will most likely have to be dug up and the roots removed. An untrained person may be careless and cause even more damage.

When You Choose a Tree Removal

or tree cutting service, it is vital that you choose one that has experience in this industry. A lot of people who are not trained professionals will use chainsaws instead of doing it safely. Using a chainsaw can cause an injury or death due to its blade being inserted into the ground too far This Peoples Take care  Trees

1-Talk to a Professional Arborist

Many tree owners are afraid to approach a company to take care of their yard because they fear the tree cutting service may damage their yard. This is just not true; however, some people take down too many trees, causing more harm to their landscape.

The problem with removing a tree too far away is that the stump and roots will have to be dug out. The unskilled person may be negligent and do more damage.

2-Choose the Reputable Service

Choose a tree removal service with experience in the tree industry. Untrained persons will utilize chainsaws instead of doing it safely. Using a chainsaw can result in injury or death if the blade is inserted too deeply into the ground.

3-Get Estimate

Just click on the link and Request Free Estimate.