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On certain periods in our life, we wish to plant tree and shrub just for the dynamic quality and benefits you derive from it. Actually, it’s not a big deal or a difficult task to go on in planting tree and shrub. This article will expose you the technique and strategy use in the planting of every categories or variety of plants.


The majority of all the plant needs drainage. Water that is left on a continuous base on roots can result to rot and disease to flourish easily. Have a good knowledge about the plant to know if the plant needs drainage or not. Meanwhile, some plant needs some special planting formulas which are specifically meant for the plant. Although the techniques in this article work pretty well for the majority of all the plant.

  1. SOIL PEP.

Soil pep is a soil amendment. There is also a brand called soil prep. These are the mixture and combination of organic material which mixed with a wood shaving. However, the consistency tends to allow drainage and nutrient. Immediately you might have dug the hole, replace a third of the dirt with a lot of soil pep. Actually, if the soil seems to be bad, you have to make use of more of them.


Keep an eye on the hole; make sure that the hole is as twice as the root ball. This actually signifies twice as large in width not mainly in depth.


If you don’t want the root ball to relax on the bad dirt, then try to apply inches of soil pep in the hole first. This method helps the root ball to drain. After that, you can go on by adding the dirt which is mixed up of soil prep.

  1. MICS

Micronutrient is also shortened as mics it is also a brand name to be precise. They actually come in a granular form. They are a fungus that resides mainly in the soil and feeds roots. The majority of some nurses will give you full assurance of the plant for a decade of years if you involve making use of mics whenever you planned on planting. Always mix the mics together with the soil and also the soil prep before going ahead in replacing the soil.


If in a scenario you don’t have mics you can virtually make use of root starter as well. They actually come in a liquid concentrate form. You mix it with the application of water, specifically on a five gallon of the bucket. Entirely douse the root ball together with the root starter water whenever the plant is initially been placed inside the hole. The actual work of the root starter is that it helps in the reduction of transplant shock.


Try to add a couple of inches of mulch or soil pep on the top of the root. The mulch will help in the retainment of water and also help the plant cooler and moister.

  1. SAND

If your plant is the type of plant that requires a lot of drainages better still if your soil is clay, then you have to apply sand for the drainage. A third of the dirt you applied initially in the hole should also be sand. You can proceed by putting gravel beneath the root ball if actually, you need a lot of drainages.


  1. WATER

Try to constantly water the plant a lot the very first day you plant it. Wet the root ball and the surrounding area very well. For additional watering techniques, if you want the soil to be very wet to reach the beneath of the root ball and not to have any standing water. You can accomplish this result with two to three watering each week with 20-minute watering durations.      Although it solemnly depends on the specific weather. To be on a safer side, try to check out on the soil with a screwdriver or even a shovel.



Try as much as possible to care for your tree and shrub in looking more beautiful and attractive in many years to come.

Actually, the majority of individuals will be quite skeptical and confuse on how to nurture and care for a tree and shrub in staying healthy and attractive in years to come. It is actually not a difficult task to care for tree and shrub; here are some important tips and strategy to consider in caring for your tree and shrub.

  • Firstly we are going to start with the summer months. We all know that the sun ray is quite capable of burning and scorching a new tender age plant which results in making them look very bad and dormant which seems no matter how hard you try to make them look good and cool it will all be avail because it will still be looking burned and dry. Your question now will be, what is the solution? The best solution in tackling such issue is by increasing your watering timing by using a WATER-SPRINKLER. The actual time interval for such action should be around 5-10 minute or even more, time will greatly be of help. If in a situation you are making use of hand to spray the water or you pay someone in rendering such service then you have to make sure that you apply at least 5-8 gallon of filled water on each plant. These techniques should be done and implemented on a constant basis for every new plant and trees.


  • The majority of the new gardeners thought that the application of “more fertilizer will help”. To be honest this is totally not true because on some scenario the fertilizer result to burning the foliage of newly planted plants. The best time to fertilize should be during the summer month and it should be only once in early summer and may be the approach of fall should actually be enough. A good and well nutritional loamy composted soil will also be of a great help with water retention. The addition of mulch on the top of each plant will really help in keeping weeds and also in the retainment of water moisture. For instance, people older more established trees and plants can tend in taking along with extra fertilizers. This normally required less watering, this is the third year or even more after the planting.


  • The fall gardening is a little bit of less difficulty. It helps in the decrease meant of your watering time to about twice per each week with the timing of around 20-30 minutes each time. The only exception is your open space. This should also be watered constantly throughout the entire fall month. If your main objective is to want a good root system going deep into the winter months. Meanwhile, fall and spring weather are actually very similar to each other which makes the majority of the plant to bloom thinking that it’s spring. The best and good time to winterize your lawn should be during fall. You can purchase winterize in most of the nurseries and it is actually a vitamin for the development of the root system and not probably a fertilizer.


  • It is actually necessary to water and also keep an eye on your tree during this period. About the duration of twice per year should suffice. One of the exceptions is the Magnolia trees, these tree watering systems seem to be different they only need to be watered once or twice during the winter months. However, without the foliage, you will be able to notice your deciduous tree for a borer. Although Borers are small worms which bore a hole in the majority of the tree including the evergreens and softer type wood trees. Most of the bore hole size will be similar to the size of BB pellet. Always make use of a very effective and systematic insecticide in killing the borers. A well professional nursery should be able to have such product in stock year round.


  • The spring period gardening. To be honest, the majority of the gardener loves and adores this period of the year. Bloom and flowers start appearing with a brand new outlook growth on evergreens and the deciduous tree is quite noticeable. At this period of time, the watering system tends to increase at about 20-30minutes each time on a drip system. It is also a period of time in checking and observing your drip and sprinkler system. Always keep an eye on the drip line to making sure that they are dripping water to your precious plant. Try to fertilize all your entire plant and tree at this period of time. An effective and well purposeful fertilizer will work quite effectively. Fertilize are quite design for different purposes, there is the fertilizer that is actually designed to apply on a fruit tree, evergreen trees and also on shrubs. Fertilizers that are actually high in zinc should mainly be applied on fruits and nut type of trees. While fertilizers that are high in nitrogen should be applied on evergreen tree and shrubs because they are actually designed for such trees. Always try as much as possible in reading the label of each and every fertilizer product you purchased for an adequate use of it.

Plant and tree are just like human beings. Take care of them in an effective and adequate manner by constant feeding, watering and always checking out of disease and insect on them.


There is nothing dynamic like a large, majestic tree on your property. Large trees help in the provision of shade and also help in beautifying our property and they also have some essential and sentimental values. Actually, the same tree that provides us with shade and the beautification of our society can also be a thing of danger in which it creates fear and risk on your home and property, especially when they are old, weak and sick. On such cases, the only better approach to consider in the protection of your home and property is by having the tree removed.

Your next question will be. How do you know when a tree needs to be removed? Only the tree service professional such as AAA tree service NY corps that has the knowledge and experience on that. Meanwhile, there are literally some signs to put into consideration when such time reaches in contacting the AAA tree service NY corp


Trees are actually tough. When it results in damages from the storm, they can actually handle a lot, meanwhile, even the biggest strongest and healthiest tree they all have their limited time. To be precise, if 60% parts of the tree are damaged, then the next move to consider is to remove them. These very trees are actually unlikely to make a full recovery which tends to a continuous declining, and also becomes more dangerous the longer period you wait.



Leaning Tower of Pisa may be a popular attraction; however, a leaning tree in your compound is a different story scenario. If formerly the tree was in a vertical format and suddenly it’s leaning to   one side, this simply means that the root has already weakened or broken beneath the earth. Apart from that, it’s very risky for a tree to be leaning in your compound it develops a lot of fear and tension. This actually depends on the angle it is and what literally lies in the tree path, the best solution on this is to remove the tree.


Any tree which grows under the power line should be constantly be thinned. In Wilmington,NC this has practically become clear  during the period of the past winter, each time winter storms encased tree in ice and the whole weight results in causing branches to snap and break taking the majority of the power line with them. It also establishes some dangerous and fearful scène, which include the homeowners who were without electricity for a couple of day or even weeks. If in a coincident your tree seems to be around the power line or the utility poles, then accident are beside the corner waiting to manifest.


Just like all plant. The tree continues to grow throughout its entire life span. They tend to live for many years, in some cases, it turns out that the space they are can’t contain its growth again .If you have added some wings to your home, try as much as possible to build a new shed or even put a fence in, the tree might slightly be too close. In another path, the tree root tends to expand axially in causing a threat to your drive way or even the foundation of your home. If such incident is occurring in your house, then the only solution to this is to remove the tree entirely.


Sometimes a tree could be affected with the disease but would not show on the outside appearance. It might be tempting to ignore such tree let the disease kill the tree naturally; such cases could be very dangerous and harmful than just one way. The tree will look healthy on the outside but it’s actually been affected with disease inside. In fact, some tree disease could be contagious and can transmit to other healthy and strong tree if the infected ones are not removed immediately.

If there is a tree on your property that is on same dangers which are outlined above, then it is quite advisable to contact the AAA tree service NY corp today. They will examine the tree and tell you the best solution to it. They will further give you some concrete advice on your home, yard and your tree.




In contrary to what might be running in your mind, tree removal is not an easy or simple task. You might think that it is a simple task which requires you not in need of any help or you might want to handle it all by yourself, but the plain truth is that you are wrong, tree removal is never an easy task it required the attention of a professional.

The main purpose of hiring a tree removal service is that the height of tree will start to interfere with other property or resources that are quite close to you such as the street light, electrical wire, and also the notification board. The majority of trees that are planted in peoples home are naturally the type of tree that grows very high. For such case, it is very necessary and a good idea to plant trees in an area that it won’t cause any damages or fear. Unfortunately the majority of the homeowner that has any glance of knowledge on how to maintain and control such tree, it might be they bought the house from someone else so they might not have the adequate knowledge on tree maintenance.

Never you attempt or involve yourself in the task of removing tree by yourself in other to avoid any problems. Below are some concrete problems you can encounter when you attempt to remove tree all by yourself.

  • The safety of your life could be jeopardized when you attempt on removing a very high tree by yourself or even tree that is close to electricity.
  • Since you don’t have a glance of idea or method on tree removal you tend not to also have the necessary tools which are used to climb up the tree and remove the branches.
  • You are not an expert and professional on such task which probably means you don’t have the techniques on where to start cutting off the branches and other necessary precautions to implement when doing such jobs. This tends to result in a very serious accident, it’s very important to hire an expert to handle such because they have the knowledge and technique in rendering such service.


The majorities of homeowner only pay much attention to small plant which is planted in their garden and neglect the big trees. One of the most adequate and important care factors to render on the tree is trimming. However, tree trimming is very essential and a good approach because it really helps you to avoid any obligation or thought in removing the tree in a nearer future because of the stubborn and over extended branches.



Each time you purchase a youngling, you will notice some crossing or even broken branches. When you involve trimming of such young tree you are scaling a good foundation for the good growth of the tree, such tree won’t add any unnecessary weight to its branch. It also helps in giving your tree a unique and pleasant shape while trimming it.


If you love to have an attractive and beautiful landscape outside of your house, then implement the method of tree trimming and also the bushes and shrubs to a very attractive and beautiful shape, this will definitely help you a lot and also improve the overall beauty of the tree.


When a tree grows so high the branches result in causing a lot of fear, risk, and danger to your family likewise your valuable property. The best strategy to implement is tree trimming, trimming over ride such fear on family and property.



Going green seems to be the popular trend in the melting scenario of global warming. The entire house hold notices a well-maintained greenery in making their entire property eco-friendly and also soothing to the eyes this mostly includes trees, flowering plant, and mini shrubs. Meanwhile, you can hold the responsibility of taking care of the enticing flowering plant all by yourself with the help of some resources such as water, fertilizer, and pesticides. But when it falls under the categories of tree you definitely need a professional to handle it.



When a plant is at a tender stage, you can prune it by yourself and give it the shape it deserves. But when it has over passed it high of uncontrollable measure, spreading of branches it tends to be a very difficult for you to handle. The uncontrollable tree can grow in an unwanted area from either blocking your walkway, driving way or even the air circulations area. The best people to handle such incident are the professional tree service company; they are the best people to prune any growing branches with the use of their huge cranes which can diligently control the green giant by giving it a whole new and fresh look.



Due to some factors, some tree tends to die naturally which results to the barrier for other young plants to grow. It vastly takes up a very large portion of the area so it is very important to eradicate the dead tree from the surrounding to prevent it from causing any further damages your property and even your precious garden. For such dead tree, they easily get attracted to termites in which they try to make the dead plant their home. When you hire a professional they will eradicate the dead branches in creating a free way for the new plant to grow and also to prevent from contacting any harmful infection from pest and termite.



There are certain times when storm uproots trees and in such case, it creates havoc in your garden. These tend to act as an obstruction for daily activities in the garden. With the help of a professional removal service, they will implement their unique system in uprooting the plant. The uses of the electric saw use when it involves the removal of a large branch especially when it seems to be an old tree.



They are professionals and they know the dangers behind a tree on your garden, they are not only hired to remove a tree or rescue you, they are also been hired in giving you some necessary idea and knowledge on how to run your garden in a safer path and also how to tackle any infection on your garden. Sometimes they will proceed in giving you the necessary solution on how to allow a proper growth of the plant and also the duration and method on how to work on your garden.



  • AAA Tree service ny corps tree removal expert

When calamity strike and your next alternative is the removal of the entire dangerous tree from your property immediately, then just pick up the phone and call the AAA NY CORP professional expert at the AAA Tree Service. One of the experts  is Graydon Knappett will climb high into the tree with dedicated tools to effectively cut off the limb or tree that causes panic to your family and property. They are quite available seven days in a week and are also ready to attend to your emergencies.



The company is also expert in storm damage and insurance claims, AAA tree service NY corps is quite known for their consistency in work until all the expectation and requirement are met. Which includes the removal of the tree, trimming, and also the cleaning up of the entire vicinity, they are quite up to the very task in making your entire projects quite appealing and satisfactory to you. With the usage of a bucket truck and crane service, they are quite capable of reaching up to the tree tops.